Refugees are sinking in the mud and dirty water in Idomeni


The camp at Idomeni is completely flooded, and the fields where the refugees sleep in their thin tents has been turned into vast muddy swamp, after yesterday’s heavy rain in Northern Greece.

For the 12,000 people in the camp at Idomeni which is on the border with Macedonia, are desperately trying to escape the war in Syria and the poor living conditions in Iraq, however their whole ordeal is becoming a worse nightmare.

The tents where they slept have sunken in the mud, and there are no dry spaces for them to dry their clothes, shoes and blankets, and the cabins they received from volunteers to help stay dry because of the bad weather has not helped either.
Bad weather is one of the biggest fears for the refugees.

“Life in Idomeni is safe. The police are nice to us, we have no problems. We just fear the sky, to avoid bad weather and we hope our children stay healthy”, said in an interview with “Meta” a 40-year-old Syrian woman, who together with her three children and her husband are waiting for the chance to reach Macedonia, and continue their journey to Germany.

But not even the bad weather will dampen their spirit to reach Idomeni in hope that that the Macedonian side will open their doors and they will be able to leave Greece. Yesterday on the motorway to the border, one could see groups of refugees loaded with bags and blankets walking to Idomeni.

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