In an interview for the Bulgarian news agency Focus, Mihail Razvigorov, the nephew of the renowned revolutionary Mishe Razvigorov, when talking about the condition of the Bulgarians in today’s Macedonia he told an obvious lie that the country still has a “Law for protecting the Macedonian national honor.”

“It is not a secret that for the past 5 years the censorship for expressing Bulgarian feelings has been very strict. It results from the Law of Macedonian national honor which basically criminalizes the word Bulgarian and accordingly, its use in the broadest sense. This law band the declaration and the revealing of Bulgarian roots. This law is still in force at the moment” said Razvigorov.

His claim that this law is in force is untrue. Mihail Razvigorov hasn’t checked the facts and is telling things that are non-true.

As admits Bozidar Dimitrov, a well-known opponent of the Macedonian national identity and who is now deceased, there is no such law. In 2009, he addressed the Committee for human rights, religions, complaints and petitions by citizens when he filed a petition in support of the harassed Bulgarians in the Republic of Macedonia. Among other things, Bozidar Dimitrov said the following at the Bulgarian parliament.

“In Macedonia there has been (i investigated about how long it was into force – from June 1945 until 1991) a Law of Macedonian national conscience”.

The same observance is told by Macedonian writer, a Bulgarian by declaration, Mladen Srbinovski in an interview for the Bulgarian website “Voice of Bulgaria” on the 14th of August 2014. When asked whether the so called Law on Macedonian national honor is still in power?, Srbinovski answers briefly with “No.”

Otherwise, this issue began with the Decision on part of ASNOM to form a court for offences against the Macedonian national honor dated from the 30th of December 1944. But on the 1st of July 1945 the National Parliament adopted a law to abolish the ASNOM’s decision about the Macedonian national honor with its amendments and with it all courts about the Macedonian national honor were abolished and the procedures were transferred to regular civil and military courts.