Public Prosecution confirm coordinated hunt for terrorists with Albania and Kosovo


Coordinated anti-terrorist operations have recently been conducted in Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo, designed to arrest people suspected of recruiting fighters for the Islamic State in the Balkans. According to information published yesterday by the Albanian and Kosovo press, suspects had been detained for allegedly planning terrorist operations in the Balkans.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed for “Meta” the participation of the authorities in the joint anti-terrorist operations and announced details of the operations throughout the day.

Yesterday, Albanian police announced that in cooperation with the prosecution of serious crimes, they arrested four people of Albanian ethnicity, and the operations were carried out in Tirana, Skadar, Debar and Elbasan.

Officials in Pristina said the same day during the operation in Kosovo arrested seven people. Public Prosecutor of Kosovo confirmed that the suspects were in contact with other radical Islamists in the region.

Last year in Macedonia, the Public Prosecution and the police carried out two operations, “Cell” and “Cell 2”, where they arrested a large number of people for recruiting fighters for the battlefields of the Middle East. Those captured were accused of participating in a foreign military and paramilitary formations, and most of them received prison sentences, having admitted their guilt, many of them made a deal with the prosecution.

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