Граѓани на Камениот мост во Скопје | Фото: Арбнора Мемети

In the period between the 10th and the 16th of August, a total of 11.605 COVID-19 tests were conducted, which is by 17.8% more compared to the previous week. Out of the conducted tests, 902 new cases were registered and in percentage, 7.8% of total tests were positive. This shows a trend of continuous decline compared to the previous weeks when this percentage was 10%, 9.4%, and 8.6%, shows the Public Health Institute’s weekly report.

“Infected patients of all ages were registered. During the previously mentioned period, the most affected age group are people above 60 years old with 206 (22.8 %) positive patients. An increased number of infected was registered among people aged between 30-39 (18.1 %) and 50-59 (18.0 %). The least number of cases was registered among children aged 0-9 (2.9 %) and 10-19 (5.4 %),” informs the Health Ministry.

As was stressed by the ministry, most of the registered cases are from Skopje (27.8 %) and Kumanovo (13.6 %). In 18 cities, nationwide, during the same period, the number of newly registered cases is below 20.