We are publishing transcripts of conversations released by SDSM leader Zoran Zaev at today’s press conference which suggests that it is a communication related to the case “Monster.”

May 2, 2012

Abdilakim Ademi – Kimi

Ademi: Are you still on a meeting?

K: Yes.

Ademi: Kimi, talk to someone there, let’s have more explaining to the public whit facts, because a lot of dilemmas emerge this way. Huh?

Kimi: Good. I told him to separate the five who are directly charged for the crime, the others who have no connection with the case, the impression women with scarves took part in organizing the killing, which has nothing to do with it.

Ademi: There are a lot of dilemmas, even strangers express dilemmas for many explanations, with the opportunity to give more explanations, preferably those who have no connection with the work being released then detained for illegal possession of weapons. This should be limited to a smaller number.

May 6, 2012

Shefik told Abdilakim that they are in Kosovo and currently staying at Hajradinovci family. Abdilakim told me when he would be free to call Bujar because he wants to consult about last evening’s meeting with him.

N.B. (Nevzat Bejta?) – A.A.

N: I just got out of the mosque. About 30 people gathered in the center. Organizers are a family of DPA that is trying with us and DPA. They were about 15 years, it’s family Fidanoski. They have a pilgrim closed for cooperation.

A: Yep

H: Few of those with beards were gathered. They say they were about 150 people, now they will disperse. Down with the Government, down with DUI, down with NG and so on. There is no organization this way.

A: Are they shouting down with NB or not?

N: Not and “Allahu Akbar.” I was in the mosque, the mosque from which I gathered that they will start, I went to this mosque. I was taken in front of the people. They asked me, because they stood in groups, I said no, no organization, no nothing, right? There is no problem here in Gostivar.

A: Good

N: In Tetovo?

A: I don’t know what the situation in Tetovo is, here they are walking around the neighborhood.

N: I will come there soon.

A: OK, come.