New “bomb” of Zaev: Here’s evidence that Mijalkov and Gruevski wiretapped for years


SDSM today released new recordings of tapped conversations. SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said that it is evidence for the wiretapping. Zaev said that all who were tapped were categorized under pseudonyms, and his pseudonym was “Bunny”. Branko Crvenkovski was “Cross”, Mile Janakieski – “Tobacco,” Silvana Boneva was “Basil,” Dragan Pavlovik-Latas was “Wave”, Vlado Buchkovski was “NDS flee.”

– Audio recordings were turned into transcripts. We submitted more than 1,505 pages of the reproduction stage which means turning the recordings into the transcripts. The targeted individuals had full records. Opposition, critical public, teachers, IRC, MOC were wiretapped. We have evidence of some 400 audio recordings already published on press conference. We also submitted 13 conversations confirming the wiretapping to Public Prosecution. Those conversations contain acknowledgments of Gordana Jankuloska and Sasho Mijalkov – Zaev said at today’s press conference.

In the first conversation presented today, Gordana Jankuloska and Ivo Koteski discuss an article on the Alpha squad on television. Koteski asks if there is an opportunity to locate a cell phone. Jankuloska says it can be done, but that he just need to send a request and tells him whom to address.

Jankuloska and Sasho Mijalkov talk about some recordings. She says that they are opening a “center”, but claim that they don’t have recordings. She speaks of “the murder” and how to present it to the public.

Trajko Veljanoski tells Jankuloska about the commission that should go to UBK. Jankuloska talks about the amendment to be passed, and was proposed by the opposition. They talk about the law on interception of communications.

Jankuloska and Mijalkov talk about an article of the Law which provides Assembly Commission to come to UBK at any time unannounced. Jankuloska insists the article to be changed so that the commission cannot come unannounced at this institution. Mijalkov insists they to be able to come unannounced, but it to be only a few times a year. Mijalkov is asking how long might the control take. He says that there cannot be an infinite control in UBK.

Gordana Jankuloska and Mitko Chavkov, director of the Public Security Bureau, talk about the oversight the commission should have. She tells him about the changes they agree with SDSM. Chavkov tells her that the decision is good.

Emil Stojmenov and Sasho Mijalkov talk about a man who “should do the job.” They agree how to wiretap a phone of an employee.

Mijalkov and Jankuloska talk about employments in MOI. He tells her that he wants to employ about 1,000 people and that there is a lot of work, but no operational. Mijalkov says that he will need 100 people only for UBK. He explains that they also must reinforce special forces.

To the question of META news agency for which murder Sasho Mijalkov and Gordana Jankulovka talk about in the published conversations, Zaev said that the published conversation is from 30th of April 2012, the eve before the arrest of suspects in the case “Monster”.

SDSM leader announced that there will be a protest in May, and the date will be determined together with the citizens. He said he would not announce the whole scenario on whether they will camp in front of the Government.

– We have no determined scenarios. The protest won’t be “we came, so we’ll see you again” – said Zaev.

Asked about developments in Goshince, the party president said he would not allow disruption of the unity of ethnic communities.

– Whatever the truth, there must be accountability by the government. There are indications that this is an evil thought. This scenario is evil and the opposition will not allow it to disrupt ethnic relations. Neither Sasho Mijalkov nor anyone else can disturb this unity – said Zaev.

He said that the time of the diplomatic vocabulary is over. The message of the German Ambassador is direct and must be respected in order to resolve the political crisis.

SDSM leader said that published conversations only prove that there was an intention to wiretap.

– There is a lot more evidence that we will present – said Zaev.

He said that sensitive materials will follow.

– Here is the case with “Smiljkovo Lake”, Nikola Mladenov, here is Martin Neshkovski, here is the name. We will reveal the truth to the public and protests will be organized – stated Zaev.

In connection with the case “Sopot,” Zaev said he published the truth without any calculations.

– As a party, SDSM cannot be all guilty. Perhaps some individuals. Now the government has to help to decide. The judiciary should be away from the clutches of the public. It is a conversation that tells the truth and I hope to be of assistance to the judiciary – stated Zaev.

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