Protests for Martin Neshkovski in Bitola as well


Protests against the cover-up of the murder of Martin Neshkovski are held in Bitola as well. Larger group of citizens headed from the fountain in the center of the city, through Shirok sokak towards MOI.

A large number of Bitola citizens went out on today’s protest, and, at the moment, the crowd is in front of the municipal building, where protesters demand the resignation of the government and local authorities.

The “bomb” of the opposition regarding the murder of Martin Neshkovski initiated the reaction of over three thousand citizens of Bitola – men, women and children. The protesters shouted “Murderers” and carried banners: “Policeman, throw down the nightstick.”

In front of the municipality, girls handed out flowers to police officers. The protest began at 6 pm, when the crowd began to gather in front of the Officer’s house in Bitola, and then citizens headed through Shirok sokak towards the building of SOI Bitola and then towards the building of the local government. The police security is significantly increased, but the protest is peaceful and without incidents.

As I our correspondent from Prilep reported, one hour before the announced protest against police brutality in Prilep, police rapid deployment units are deployed in the center of Prilep for where the protest is scheduled.

The initiators of the event appealed for a mass on the peaceful protest, which has found a strong turnout in Prilep and on social networks.

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