Prosecution charges against the 10 persons for attempted murder of Zijadin Sela on the 27th of April

The Basic Public Prosecution Skopje has filed charges against 10 persons for an attempt of murder of Zijadin Sela at the Parliament of the 27th of April.

The Prosecution stressed that several other persons were also involved in the criminal act and their identity has yet to be determined.

“The accused, all together, including other persons whose identity is not yet determined, have tried to murder Zijadin Sela. Par of the accused have used heavy objects that were throwing at Sela and they caused life -threating injuries. Others, have used fists and feet for the crime they are accused of” said the press release.

ALong with the indictment, a proposition was lodged at the court for prolonging the detention for 9 of the accused i.e. the home detention for one of them.