For all cases where there are certain doubts of irregularities, that is, cases which are not fully clarified, the Government will bring in international experts from certain areas for their elaboration, said Minister of Justice, Bilen Saliji, while answering a journalist’s question on the requests for an international expert group to investigate the “Divo Naselje” case.

“The Ministry of Justice, in accordance with its competencies as an integral part of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, will actively assist in that”, said Saliji after the presentation of the report on the cooperation between the Academy of Judges and the French National Academy of Judiciary, at the Embassy of France in the country.

French Ambassador Christian Thimonier believes that solutions should be sought primarily in the internal justice system in Macedonia.

“As an observer, I can tell you that we are following all aspects of that issue. From what we read in the media that a certain revision of the court’s decision is required, I am pleased that this is an opportunity that is open. However, before we ask for assistance from international sources to resolve these issues, we should try to solve them in the existing justice system”, said Thimonier.