MP’s from SDSM still waiting to start work with the parliamentary committees


Four parliamentary committees are scheduled for today for meetings, however new MP’s from SDSM are not going to take part in any of them.

Goran Sugarevski coordinator of MP’s at SDSM explains that the new MP’s are yet to become members of the commission.

Mr Sugarevski says he doesn’t understands why the new members have not yet been appointed to the commission yet, as the proposals for the Presidency and other positions for the committee’s members were submitted yesterday.

“Yesterday we submitted all proposals and from what I know, it is common practice for the commission to call for voting immediately for proposals to be evaluated, however this has not happened yet. They think that way they can delay the realization of the Przhino Agreement”, says the Coordinator.

He added, that if a session with the Committee for appointing new members is not scheduled, their MP’s would stage a walkout. The session is so important as candidates for the Presidency and other members will be appointed.

After a one-year break from work, MP’s from SDSM returned to Parliament on the 1st of September. The European Commission are very pleased with the return of the opposition to Parliament. Expectations were that they would start work immediately.

EC Spokeswoman, Maja Kocijancic said it was time to begin work on reforms in the interest of the whole country.



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