Popovski: The end result will show who was for democracy, and who was not


Right at this moment, when we are under attack, we will be correct and will give it out, as negotiated in the working groups. The end result will show who was right, who is for democracy, and who is not, said Robert Popovski for “Meta”, who is the President of the working group of SDSM in the negotiations of the political parties for the issue of the media.
The pro-government media this weekend, published a document again, stating that the SDSM party wants their party to offer three members for the Council of the Agency for the Media. According to the media, Article 19 of the Act requires that SDSM should elect a President for the Media Agency through Parliament, on the proposal of the opposition.
Following this information, the four televisions with national coverage, “Alpha”, “Kanal 5”, “Sitel” and “Alsat” through a joint statement protested the idea of SDSM, according to them, leading them into complete censorship of the media.
SDSM said that Nikola Gruevski and his media couriers are in panic from their recent loss of power and the process of settling the situation in the sphere of the media.
Today negotiations of the working groups of the parties signatory to the Przhino Agreement should continue to discuss resolving matters concerning the media. A decision has to be made for the future functioning of the Media Agency, the MRTV and MIA news agency.

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