The group of young people from Veles who were the owners of hundreds of websites that published propaganda in favour of the newly elected President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, say that they do not believe their “portals” had any influence on the outcome of the presidential elections. Most of the propaganda websites do not exist any more or haven’t published anything for a few months.

“I have no comment on Donald Trump’s win in the presidential elections in the United States. I do not believe I influenced the victory of the Republican candidate. I no longer work on the website and do not know whether I will continue to work on websites related to politics in the US”, said one of the young people from Veles that “Meta” had contacted in April.

Another man from Veles who also worked on multiple websites agreed and said that the web page on which he worked on no longer exists and that the last published article was in Spring.

In April, “Meta” contacted five young residents from Veles, owners of websites that published propaganda in favour of the then potential candidate of the Republican Party, and now -the new US President, Donald J Trump.

The young group from Veles said that the financial compensation was the strongest motive for registering the websites.

A few days ago, the international and influential “Buzzfeed” used the “Meta” as the source for their extensive analysis of “Macedonian city of Veles, which has a population of 45.000 people, witnessed a digital gold rush when citizens opened at least 140 websites which promoted propaganda for the Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump”.