The positive side of the report is the recommendation for the opening of the EU talks remains, but under the condition that elections must be credible and that the Pržino Agreement must also be fully implemented, said the EU Ambassador to Skopje, Samuel Zbogar, when he presented the latest report by the European Commission (EC) on Macedonia’s progress. However, he stressed that there hasn’t been any progress in the area of the judiciary system, the fight against corruption and the media.

“There wasn’t any progress in the judiciary compared to the last year’s report and the recommendations including the issues that were part of the recommendations for reformatory priorities. The corruption is prevalent in many areas and continues to be a serious problem. There hasn’t been any progress compared to recommendations from previous years. There wasn’t any progress in the fight against organized crime. Better efficiency is needed in the fight against money laundering and more investigations into financial crimes, including the confiscation of criminal property. The freedom of the media remains a serious challenge within the current political climate and despite recent encouraging signs,  balanced reporting i missing, and there isn’t complete transparency in the state’s advertising. The intimidation and the attacks of journalists must stop”, said Zbogar.