The referendum on September 30th, is of identical importance and of equal historical weight, as the September 8, 1991 referendum on independence, said National Coordinator for NATO Stevo Pendarovski at the civic tribune in Bitola, which is part of the coalition of the Together for a European Macedonia coalition.

At the meetings with citizens, the benefits from NATO and EU membership were presented, referring in particular to the economic benefits that Macedonia will have as part of the largest market in Europe of 500 million inhabitants.

“If we voted back then massively over 90% to have a country, now on the 30th of September we will come out, we will vote ‘FOR’ EU and NATO integration and forever establish Macedonian statehood throughout the world. Let’s finish our work, enter NATO’s most powerful security coalition, open the doors to the affinity of the richest countries that are part of the EU,” said Pendarovski.