Parliament postpones dissolution for April 7 – Elections set for June 5


With 83 votes in favour and just 3 ‘against’ Parliament passed the amendments to its decision to dissolve itself. The Legislature, in accordance with last night’s decision, should be dissolved on April 7, or 60 days prior to forthcoming election date. MPs, without any SDSM members, voted on changes to the Electoral Code, which has set June 5th as the date for early parliamentary elections.

Before last night’s vote, SDSM co-ordinator Goran Sugareski said the SDSM had not voted for any decision to dissolve Parliament on February 24th, nor will they vote for any change to the date.

“This is another defeat for Nikola Gruevski and recognition that he could not have elections on April 24, Gruevski spent four days gathering the courage to face the public and confess to lying. Without the reforms for a free media and a purified Voter’s List we cant hold elections. We will not support the decision to dissolve parliament on April 7 because we did not vote on the decision, which had been brought about by MPs, which also included the dissolution of February 24th”, said Sugareski.

Procedural questions were taken by the coordinator of VMRO-DPMNE  Ilija Dimovski , who said that with or without the SDSM, the June 5th elections would go ahead.

“There is no greater shame than politicians running away from elections. You can run from the election but you cant run from the people. On June 5th, with or without you (SDSM) there will be elections, the people will choose the new Parliament, and you dear colleagues will have to search the world for new friends because here in Macedonia, they have gone”, Dimovski stated.

The co-ordinator for the DUI party Talat Xhaferi, whose party came up with the initiative for the change of date for the dissolution of parliament, said his party had nothing to be ashamed of, and for all those who sought a new date for elections have received that new date.

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