At the Government’s next session, which is scheduled for next Tuesday, the procedure for appointing a new Attorney General will begin, after Parliament dismissed Marko Zvrlevski yesterday, who until now held the osition.

Government spokesman, Mile Bosnjakovski said on Tuesday that the government would propose to Parliament an announcement for the candidacy of a new state public prosecutor to be put on the agenda.

Bosnjakovski explained the procedure for appointing a new Attorney General, which says the announcement lasts for 15 days, after which the procedure is returned to the Government, who then will select one candidate from all the applicants, and then propose to the candidate to Parliament. Parliament will then choose through a vote, where the majority is 61 votes.

When asked whether the procedure for appointing a new Attorney General goes against the Electoral Code, taking into account the opinion of the State Commission for Preventing Corruption, Bosnjakovski said that the Speaker of Parliament, Talat Xhaferi, had already responded to this question, adding that it is the procedure necessary.

The Council of Public Prosecutors announced that next week they will schedule a session, where they will elect an Acting Attorney General until the election of a new one.