From the 19th of June until today, 105.007 migrants have passed through Macedonia

In the past 24 hours, the Ministry of Interior issued ‘intention to seek asylum’ certificates in the country a total of 2,254 migrants, most of which were Syrian nationals, a total of 1337 people reports the Ministry of Interior (MOI).

Since the beginning of issuing the certificates, from June the 19th this year to date, according to the Ministry of Interior, such documents have been issued to a total of 105,007 foreign nationals, of which 79,017 are originally from Syria, followed by Afghanistan (11,478), Iraq (6839) Pakistan (2767), Palestine (1139), Somalia (635), Bangladesh (645), Iran (646), Congo (371), Nigeria (222), Cameroon (178), Eritrea (163), Ethiopia (126) and Sudan (115).

According to the Ministry of Interior, in the same time period, the number of applications for asylum submitted in the country was only 50 migrants. In the last 24 hours the Department for Asylum has received no applications for asylum.