North Macedonia: Bureau of Public Procurement’s web site offline three days in a row, all procurement procedures stopped


All public procurement procedures in North Macedonia are blocked, since for the third day the Bureau of Public Procurement’s web site ( is offline.

On the web site there is an announcement that the service is temporarily not functioning due to  “serious technical problems with the infrastructure.”

The announcement also states that the general public will be informed when the problem is solved, and all tender deadlines (pubic openings/deadlines/auctions) will be extended accordingly, in accordance with the Rulebook about the ways of using the electronic system for public procurements (Official Gazette No 64/19 and 271/19).

For now, we cannot obtain any information on whether there was a hacker attack or whether the database with the concluded agreements by public institutions is jeopardized.

“At the moment we are experiencing technical problems. We are working on solving the problem. At the moment, the process of public procurement cannot be carried out. Ihope that the website will quickly be put into use. An official press release will be issued when the public procurement procedures will continue,” said Bore Hadziev, the Bureau’s Director in his statement that was published by SDK portal СДК.