In two months, the Government website will be available in three languages

The Government is expected to prepare its official website in Albanian and English within two months.

“According to the current dynamics and plan, we expect the government website to begin publishing content in Albanian and English in two months time,” reported the government press service to regarding why the website is only in the Macedonian language.

The government says that “the process is under way to prepare and provide technical conditions for quality development of a version of the Government’s website in Albanian and English. Currently, the fixed content of the website is translated. Up to this point, several key documents have been translated and published, such as: Government Program for 2017-2020, 3-6-9 plan and the 100 day Government Report.

Since yesterday, the Parliament’s website is fully operational in four languages ​​- Macedonian, Albanian, English and French.

The website for President Gjorge Ivanov is in Macedonian and English.