No initiative for emergency session in Parliament concerning the floods


Currently, there has been no official initiative to hold an emergency session of Parliament, which is on a collective vacation, and the first scheduled session will be on the 24th of this month.

No-one from the Office of Public Affairs is available on the phone.

The Parliamentary Group, the SDSM say that so far they have not received any invitation for a meeting, nor has there been an announcement for such a session.

We asked the Coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of the SDSM, Goran Sugareski whether Parliament should convene, but we did not get an answer.

The Former President of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU), Vlado Kambovski today called on the President of Parliament Trajko Veljanoski to interrupt the Parliaments vacation and convene an emergency session.

Kambovski in a statement to the portal “Sakam da kazam”, suggested that at the Parliamentary session for the floods they should pass legislation for non-profit investments, for the needs of citizens who have suffered huge material damage and lost their loved ones and homes.

“This is a chance for Parliament to summon the strength and put an end to the irrational spending of the government. There must be a session. This is not a phenomenon that occurs once in a thousand years. If it has happened once, it will happen again. Where is the reaction from Parliament, 22 people died in the cataclysm of floods and President Trajko Veljanoski and the parliamentarians have not reconvened Parliament or scheduled an emergency session. Veljanoski must urgently reconvene Parliament and schedule an emergency session, alone if he has too, and he needs to ask the Government for a report about what they have been doing for the last few days, why they are so confused, and how to deal with the consequences of floods, because people from the flooded areas have been left alone”, said Kambovski.

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