Special Public Prosecutor, Katica Janeva and President of the Council of Public Prosecutors, Petar Anevski had a brief meeting about taking over the records and documents of the “Putsch” case by the Council.

This was stated by Anevski after the meeting. He said that Janeva discussed the dynamics of taking over the case, however, it was unclear whether the Council will take over the entire case or parts of it.

“We agreed that next week, five prosecutors from the SPO meet with members of the Council of Public Prosecutors and to agree on how to go about clarifying the procedure in this case”, said Anevski.

When asked why the Council requested the “Putsch” case, Anevski said they want to establish the reasons for the SPO’s decision to drop a case and to withdraw the charges.

Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva did not want to make a statement and said more details would be announced next week.

“I have no comment, we will see next week”, said Janeva briefly, who was the initiator of the meeting.