On the orders of the Government, starting a few days ago, all state institutions have started to use the new name of the country – the Republic of North Macedonia, in their work and in various documents. Now, from Ilindenska number 2 a new task – to create new seals in accordance with the Law on Use of Languages.

Government spokesman, Muamet Hoxha explained that at yesterday’s 122nd Government session, the Ministry of Justice was obliged to draft a Law on the Law Enforcement Inspectorate. The draft-law was adopted and sent to Parliament, as well as the draft law on reforms of the Directorate for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK). The Law Enforcement Inspectorate for Languages, which will impose fines, is also expected to be established soon.

The government’s office simultaneously adopted several laws on the reform of the security intelligence sector, the most important of which is the Draft Law on the National Security Agency (NSA).

“The UBK model has been selected to be transformed into an independent body – the National Security Agency (NSA), whose members will not have police powers, but only collected information will be provided to the relevant institutions for appropriate action. This is part of the reforms of the security intelligence services, to prevent abuse in the future and to prevent concentration of power in these structures,” explained government spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski.

In the package of laws on reforms that were adopted yesterday and already submitted to Parliament, the government with a raised European flag, also sent a draft law on the coordination of the security-intelligence community. It envisions the establishment of a special body for the coordination of the security-intelligence community, with a precisely determined scope of work, composition, and way of working.

The control of the new National Security Agency will be carried out by a parliamentary committee, but also by the civil sector,” assured Bosnjakovski.