New 408 cases of COVID-19 in North Macedonia, with 280 recoveries and 4 deaths

Фото: Арбнора Мемети

The Ministry of Health of North Macedonia informed that in the past 24 hours 2 140 COVID-19 test were done and 408 patients diagnosed with the disease.

The Institute of Public Health of North Macedonia registered 280 patients who recovered from the disease in the past 24 hours.

Four patients died in the same period – two patients from the capital Skopje (aged 64 and 77), one from Resen (59 years old) and one patient from Bitola (aged 76). Three of them died in hospital.

The total number of COVID-19 diagnosed in North Macedonia since the start of the pandemic is 24 196, the number of recoveries is 17 672 and the number of deaths is 850. The number of active cases at the moment is 5 674.