Political parties have continued the talks on the media in the MPs Clubhouse in Skopje. According to reports, today they will discuss reforms at the Macedonian Radio Television MRT.

They, in turn, yesterday again did not make any progress on disputable matters, “Meta” has learnt.

According to our information, negotiators discussed the Media Agency, but did not reach a solution.

Yesterday VMRO-DPMNE called press associations to submit their own proposals, where they will present them at the meetings of the working groups and look for possible ideas for a solution. The party says it will not accept any law that amounts to censorship of the media and high penalties for newsrooms.

However, SDSM say any law that means de-politicization and and the de-partisation of the institutions in charge of the media is welcome.

Earlier, Belgian facilitator Peter Vanhoutte gave everyone until today to reach an agreement on the outstanding issues of the media.

However, according to our information, the negotiations will continue next week when, and finally, they will find a solution satisfactory to all political parties.