Greek Media: It smells of gunpowder in Idomeni


This morning tension and riots sparked up again it was reported Idomeni, the Greek-Macedonian border. After a group of economic migrants tried to break though trying to enter Macedonian territory

Riots and tensions again this morning were reported in Idomeni the Greek-Macedonian border after a group of economic migrants tried to break and enter on Macedonian territory with refugees, but were stopped by the Greek and Macedonian police.

After the failed attempt tempers began to boil and migrants again began throwing stones, after which the members of the Greek police had to intervene at the border, while Greek newspaper “Proto Thema” on its website wrote an article under the dramatic headline: “It smells of gunpowder in Idomeni, 7,000 migrants at the border “.

According to newspaper “Proto Thema”, this morning the Greek-Macedonian border had to deal with approximately 7,000 migrants, half of whom were citizens of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Some of the refugees from the three war torn countries were not allowed entrance into Macedonia, they had missed the open hours of the entrance as they arrived at 10:00pm late at night.
During the day, as the Greek media reported, the railway needs to be sorted as they have not worked since November 18, commercial trains need to pass, however the train tracks have been blocked by economic migrants.

Yesterday a 22-year-old migrant from Morocco killed by electrocution in Idomeni during the conflict of migrants and refugees on the Greek-Macedonian border, which in the last few days the situation is tense as for the other countries on the West Balkan route, who have also closed borders to economic migrants and are only allowing refugees from warring countries, crisis hot-spots i.e. Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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