Trade Union of gymnasium “Orce Nikolov” from Skopje came out with an open letter to the public for the strike of SONK, saying that 42 teachers from the gymnasium will continue the strike.

“This strike is our appeal to raise the awareness of teachers that have a personal and moral responsibility to express solidarity and respect for workers’ rights. Teachers who are striking fully support the demands of SONK which also clearly include the attitude for total redefining the project for external testing,” reads the letter.

Teachers say that they act solely in defense of the real quality and the real values and in defense of students’ knowledge which is depreciated with, according to them, “external quiz”, composed of often irrelevant facts which are not a scale for knowledge.

“We believe that ignoring the truth about the problems in the Macedonian education, especially by teachers themselves, is unacceptable act of reconciliation with the negative effects of external testing, administrative duties and many other problems. Right now, teachers should be united and demonstrate social and moral responsibility as intellectuals,” reads the open letter of the teachers.