30 protesters were detained and 38 policemen were injured during the protest


During yesterday’s protest in front of the Government, 30 people were detained and 38 police officers were injured, six of who are kept for further treatment, said Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska at today’s press conference. According to Jankuloska, one of the detainees was taken to Toxicology Department and was subsequently detained. Jankuloska said that 12 people have been identified so far and appealed to the media, if they have any, to convey the video materials to the Ministry of Interior for easier identification of the participants in, as she said, the violent protests.

According to the official version of the Ministry of Interior on yesterday’s events, the citizens started gathering around 6 pm. Jankuloska said that the safety fence was first penetrated by girls, i.e. they climbed over the fence, and then other citizens began to massively join them.

According to MOI, from 6.30 to 7.30, several violent attacks on police and government building were initiated. Protesters threw metal bars, eggs, bottles and potatoes toward the police and the Government building.

– A great material damage was caused, containers were lit, police vehicles and equipment was damaged, and the building of “Radio Free Macedonia” was also demolished. According to information of MOI, a civilian requested medical assistance at the City Hospital “September 8”. We continue to identify and track down participants. Police only used those measures that the police can use during an arrest. Police showed maximum patience – stated Jankuloska.

Asked whether someone would be held liable for trespassing in the City Library “Brakja Miladinovci”, Jankuloska said, apart from the library, police has also searched other facilities, but one person was found in the library and arrested.

– In this respect, I believe that there is no room for accountability, but if there are charges, we will review them – said the minister.

Answering to journalist’s question, Jankuloska said that there is no information that the mother of the deceased Neshkovski was injured during the protests.

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