MPs give green light for the fast-tracking of Agreement with Greece


At today’s 51st Parliamentary session, MPs supported the fast-tracking of the draft-law on the ratification of the agreement with Greece, which was signed on Sunday by the foreign ministers of Macedonia and Greece.

The law was explained by Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, who said that it is more than necessary for Parliament to consider the fast-tracking of this law in order to meet the upcoming deadlines for the EU and NATO summits.

“Greece has an obligation to inform the President of the EU Council, that Greece fully supports Macedonia’s bid for EU membership and to notify the NATO Secretary General regarding an invitation to join the Alliance. The June summit lies ahead, these dates are crucial to a European future of our country. In order to achieve these results, I propose that Parliament adopts this bill while employing a fast-track procedure”, said Dimitrov.

In support of the proposal, 69 MPs, that is, MPs from the majority and all Albanian parties, voted in favour, while MPs from the opposition, VMRO-DPMNE voted against with 40 votes.

The coordinator of the largest parliamentary group from the opposition, Dragan Danev, said that the deal presented before MPs was an act of capitulation by the government. According to him, the agreement represents a latter-day genocide of Macedonian rule of law and an attempt to deny our existence.

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