Citizens Association “Most” reported that all polling stations were open on time where they have deployed observers, apart from two places in Veles and Kumanovo.

“Polling station 1036 in the municipality of Kumanovo opened with a 15 minute delay. Polling station 2210 in the municipality of Veles opened 30 minutes late because there was no electricity”, added “Most”.

They have also reported sightings of ballots being photographed with mobile phones.

“At the polling station 1580/1 in the municipality of Radovis one voter photographed their ballot with a mobile phone. The electoral board did not notice and did not react. Polling station 2556 in the municipality of Gorce Petrov, another voter photographed their ballot, and the police were called”, say “Most”.

For the duration of the day, citizens who want to report possible irregularities or to give information regarding the electoral process can call the free telephone line 080 080 080, and the same can be done through an interactive web platform .

Citizens Association “Most” are monitoring the elections with more than 3,000 observers.