Today in Macedonia early parliamentary elections are being held, where 1,784,416 citizens have the right to vote and are registered voters.

Elections will be conducted at 3,480 polling stations in six constituencies.

The total number of voters in the constituencies are as follows:

– Constituency 1: 295,948

– Constituency 2: 306,471

– Constituency 3: 280,727

– Constituency 4: 282,537

– Constituency 5: 290,433

– Constituency 6: 307,817

Polling stations will be open exactly at 7:00 am and voting will last until 19:00 pm.

Only a valid identity card or passport will be accepted, other documents such as driver’s licenses, health cards, school and student identification cards and other documents will not be accepted.

For the first time, certificates for the voters’ list will contain photographs of voters. Personal photographs will be in the form of identity cards or passports.

If it is determined that the voter is not on the Electoral Roll, election board members are required to refer those not on the list to the relevant regional office of the SEC, and visit the website to check whether they are on the electoral list and if so, which polling station to go to.

These are the ninth parliamentary elections to be held which will be attended by six political parties and five coalitions with 58 lists of candidates.