The article that was published by the British newspaper Guardian and Macedonian media about the occurrences in the last few years in Macedonia and the alleged interference of the Russian Federation represents a clumsy attempt to transfer the responsibility for the deep crisis in the country, reacts the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

-The findings that Moscow is financing the Macedonian media in order to spread misinformation in the interest of Russia come from an organization which main sponsor are US’ government structures and the Soros Foundation. Those are the ones that have openly participated and have directed the happenings on the Macedonian political scene in an attempt to accuse Russia, which at the very start was objecting to the imposing of destructive schemes on Skopje from abroad” states the press reaction.

The Russian MFA has stressed that the Center for investigating organized crime and corruption isn’t writing on purpose about the incredible pressure that the West has exerted for the implementation of the Great Albania’s interests in Macedonia.

“At the same time, certainly, the Center for investigating organized crime and corruption is silent about the incredible pressure from Brussels and Washington on the Macedonia’s legitimate government in order to push for decisions that does not meet the country’s national interests, the refusal of the West to condemn the so-called “Tirana platform” which is a manifestation of the Great Albania’s ideology. Obviously, the best illustration for the outside influences is the President of the Parliament who has an Albanian flag in his cabinet. The Russian or the Serbian flag is not put by anyone” said the reaction by the Russian MFA.