The Bulgarian Deputy PM and Minister of Defense, Krasimir Karakachanov, yesterday in Sofia, in front of the monument of revolutionaries from Macedonia and Trakia, celebrated for the first time on the Day of Macedonia as a government minister, reports “Balkan Insight.” Previously, Karakachanov, according to Bulgarian media, was a regular participant in the celebrations, but for the first time this year, he took the celebration of the Bulgarian nationalists under his patronage.

The commemorations that were organized by the so-called Macedonian Scientific Institute (MSI) began by paying respects at the monument in Sofia by paying respect to fallen soldiers, after which a memorial service and a scientific conference took place. In his official addressing at the conference that took place at MSI, Karakachanov, who is also a member of the Institute, has called on the Bulgarians not to “forget the truth and the ideals of the heroes who fell for Macedonia”.