Mogherini and Hahn: This is a new opportunity to resolve the crisis


The Constitutional Court clears the way for Parliament to reconvene and cancel the elections on June 5, according to a joint statement by EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Federica Mogherini and Commissioner Johannes Hahn.

“This is a renewed opportunity for the country to address a number of serious issues at the heart of the prolonged political crisis. The way forward must be defined by all main political parties together, since it is only a mature dialogue, inclusiveness, and commitment to democratic principles and to the necessary reforms and their implementation that will bring the country back on a Euro-Atlantic path”. Said the joint statement.

The European diplomats also call on all parties to preserve and respect the Przhino Agreement, which was composed last year.

“This framework remains the best way to move the country out of the current crisis. Work should continue to prepare for credible elections as well as on the urgent reform priorities, through an inclusive process.
The parties must also urgently address the serious concerns about President Ivanov’s pardoning of a number of officials. The April 12 pardons should be rescinded without delay to preserve the principle of accountability, counteract serious concerns about impunity and avoid selective justice. It is a fundamental democratic principle that all citizens should be equal before the law”. Reads the letter.

Mogherini and Hahn have again urged the parties to ensure full support to the Special Public Prosecutor’s office and to ensure it operates smoothly. European officials say the work by the SPO is the central part of the Przhino Agreement.

European officials call on all parties involved to avoid interventions that could undermining years of effort within the country and by the international community to strengthen the rule of law.

“We call on all parties to find a common agreement that serves all citizens. Approaches which would not respect this principle are something that the EU cannot support and stand behind. An engaged opposition and civil society play critical roles in shaping and ensuring the government’s commitment to needed reforms”, says the joint letter.

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