MLASP: The news that flats for refugees will be built is fake as Macedonia is a transitory country

The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy has issued a press reaction to the media where it states that the news that the country will be building flats for refugees and that they will be staying in Macedonia is fake.

The Ministry states that refugee camps won’t be built and no citizenships will be given and that Macedonia is a state that serves as a transitory station for refugees.

“As a country member of the United Nation, our country will help the refugees on their way towards their final destinations in accordance with the international standards and the ratified Convention for the right of the refugees dated from 1994. The proposed-strategy for integration of refugees and foreigners 2017-2027 is a continuation of a similar strategy for the period between 2009-2015 that was made by the previous government led by VMRO-DPMNE. The document isn’t mandatory and those in the past that have signed it know that” said the Ministry.

The Ministry also said that every information that says otherwise is a lie, untrue and wrong and has condemned, as it said, the purposeful spreading of fear and xenophobia among the citizens.