Young Greeks are leaving the country


Greece loses its academic staff. More than 100,000 young Greek scientists and academicians have migrated from Greece in search for better academic and working conditions due to the financial crisis. This was indicated by the research of the University “Macedonia” for the Greek newspaper Kathimerini concerning the worrying trends in the Greek higher education and the academic sector.

Additionally worrisome for the moving of young intellectuals from Greece abroad in search for a better future is the figure of 30,000 Greek students, who are currently studying abroad, as well as the rising numbers of older scientists and academicians who plan to leave the country.

According to the research of the Thessaloniki University, more than 100,000 intellectuals from each branch, doctors, engineers, economists, lawyers, all under the age of 40 years, already have left Greece for good. It is considered that the number of young intellectuals who migrated abroad has dramatically increased in the past five years because of the financial crisis and rising unemployment in Greece. Statistics show that mostly young people from 25 to 44 years are moving, i.e. 50 percent are up to 25 years of age, and 40 percent of emigrants are from 25 to 29 years, but young people aged from 30 to 44 years are also leaving. The expatriates have a higher academic education. 73 percent of them have master’s degree and 51 percent of them have PhD.

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