Defendants of the case “Monster” want to go to Idrizovo for easier contact with clients?


Three of the defendants in the case “Monster” requested to be transferred to the Skopje prison Idrizovo in order to be able to communicate with the clients who ordered the murder of five at Smilkovo Lake, says the parent of one of the murdered boys for META.

– The fact that they want to be transferred from Bitola and Prilep to prison Idrizovo means only one thing, and that is to get mobile phones to communicate with the clients who ordered the murders. It is clear to all. They want to communicate with the ones listed in the indictment and the verdict as UPs (persons with unknown identity), in which I think there are five hidden phone numbers. That is why they are going to Idrizovo, where there is a “loose command”. In Bitola and Prilep is different, they cannot communicate with the clients from there. Ali Ahmeti knows everything about the whole case, the UPs, and the numbers – says Goran Nakevski, father of Aleksandar Nakevski, one of the boys who were executed at Smilkovo Lake, for META.

Fejzi Aziri, Haki Aziri and Agim Ismailovik requested by the court to be transferred from the prisons in Bitola and Prilep, where they are currently in detention, and, as reported by the Basic Court Skopje 1, their request was approved last week.

Although the information was that they would be transferred to Idrizovo last Friday, the director of the prison Idrizovo, Zhivko Pejkovski, today stated for META that the inmates weren’t brought to the prison.

However, the transfer to another prison is certain for the defendants, because representatives of Bitola prison say they received the necessary documentation.

– We received court’s decree and the persons will be transferred to Skopje – stated representatives of the Bitola prison.

Naser Raufi, the lawyer of the defendants, explains that the transfer to Idrizovo doesn’t mean that they requested to start serving their prison sentence early, i.e. before the validation of the verdict for the case “Monster”, but that they remain in custody, only in another prison, in Skopje, in order to be closer to their families.

Article 174 Paragraph 6 of the new Criminal Procedure Code states: “When the court passes a sentence, the defendant, who is detained by a decision of the chairman of the council, may be directed to an institution for serving a sentence before the verdict is validated, provided he/she wants to do so.”

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