Regarding yesterday’s incident of a fire in a building in Gostivar, when a 7-year-old child chained to a table died in appartment fire, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy (MLSP) in its press release says that there were no reports at the Center for Social Protection (CSP)in Gostivar of parental negligence.

“So far, there weren’t any reports at CSP Gostivar or information of any kind about parental negligence, abuse or negligence of any kind towards the children in the family. According to the CSP Gostivar’s evidence, this family was not a beneficiary of any right nor a service of social or child care.”

MLSP also stated that CSP Gostivar’s expert teams are constantly in communication with Ministry of Interior (MOI) and the Basic Public Prosecution (OJO), and that it was requested from CSP Gostivar to investigate the case with the family and the condition of the children, and in the aftermath all appropriate measures will be taken in the interest of the children.

The Center for Social Protection – Gostivar and the municipality have provided accommodation and appropriate care for the member of the family that got killed in the fire and they were provide psychological care and support.