Miloshoski: Zaev is a blackmailed person that has tried to con the citizens


The leader of SDSM, Zoran Zaev is a blackmailed man, who is going to agree with everything in order to come to power even though SDSM has lost the elections, said Antonio Miloshoski, this afternoon at the press conference held at VMRO-DPMNE’s headquarters, and it was held immediately after Zoran Zaev’s press conference during which he presented the government program of his party.

-Mr. Zaev, stop underestimating the Macedonian citizens. You can be read like an open book, you are a pardoned criminal, you are a person with a labile thinking who depending on the mood of the day changes his political opinions. Once in Zurich, the second time on TV 21, the third time at SDSM’s headquarters. If you were convinced that the Platform from Tirana should be rejected, then accept VMRO-DPMNE’s offer for a minority government which would be led by you.and for which Republic of Macedonia won’t pay a price for the damage of our national interests – said Miloshoski.

He said that Zoran Zaev tried today to con the citizens, has read SDSM’s program and he hid behind empty phrases that the national anthem will be discussed, the flag and the coat of arms and that experts will decide upon these issues.

-The citizens didn’t vote for experts at the elections, but they voted for politicians, for candidates for MPs and candidates for Prime Ministers – said Miloshoski.

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