Like his famous predecessor, who promised employment to a member from each family, Zoran Zaev steps into the same political foot steps, promising everything and anything, what is possible and what isn’t, even more undoable, what is real and unreal, and all this only to come to power and to manipulate voters for just one more vote, says the MP from VMRO-DPMNE, Antonio Miloshoski.

“Today’s announcement from SDSM, is something VMRO-DPMNE has already done ten years ago, and does before and during every election cycle. We have been preparing programs like these for ten years now and we are doing with citizens, listening to their needs, we include them in our projects, we use deadlines and work hard to achieve them. However, there is one key difference, because we listen to our citizens, we fulfill our programs and promises. SDSM are good at presenting programs and false promises, but what SDSM lacks is actually fulfilling and realizing their programs”, Mr Miloshoski said.

Miloshoski believes that Zoran Zaev looks the public straight in the eye and manipulates them with the false promise of the return of the middle class.

“The middle class isn’t non-existent for Zaev to re-created it. The middle class here exist and knows that this government is constantly trying to ease their lives and making it better. The middle class who do not drive expensive cars and sail their yachts, the middle class that do not go on holiday in their own hacienda’s and fashionable resorts knows how much every denar costs. They know what they are earning and whether they have received a denar or more assistance from a Government, especially the present Government”, said Mr Miloshoski .

According to Miloshoski, the crucial difference between VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM, is that VMRO actually achieves what it promises, they work at it, and what SDSM promises is just a cover for its previous unfulfilled promises.