Macedonia today received a new recommendation on their progress in European integration, which means it has the capacity to join the European Union, but I do not believe that the European Commission has the capacity to accept Macedonia as a full member, announced Antonio Milososki, at press conference, a member of the Executive Committee of VMRO DPMNE.
According to him, the duo Zaev and Sekerinska were unsuccessful in their attempts to harm Macedonia and for the country to lose its recommendation.
“The report and the recommendation for a start of accession negotiations, means that the Government has the capacity for success on the road to the European Union. This also means defeat for SDSM politics, which, unfortunately, was not without consequences”, said Milososki.
He said, Zaev and Sekerinska had tried to leave Macedonia without a recommendation. As for the comments on corruption, however, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said that the best indicator of corruption was Zaev, through his brother, and Sekerinska, through her husband.

“SDSM will continue with their destructive ways of action, and will amplify before the election in 2016. But the success of a country should not be held hostage by anyone’s politics. Therefore, citizens on April the 24th will have the final report with their vote”, concluded Milososki.