Mickoski: Macedonia is not an illegal building that has to be registered at the Land Registry


This morning, citizens from the centre of Skopje received a letter signed by the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, in which he told them that it was time to make their voices heard, that they would stand side by side with them in all battles to come, as long as it takes to “make Macedonia, tough, strong and unyielding”, reports Fokus.

In the period SDSM has come to power, the letter states that fear has replaced democracy, the immoral has replaced the moral, and non-principles have replaced principles.

“Corruption and crime have flourished as never before, untouchables have come overnight, and the law does not apply to everyone equally, racketeering rules. They are playing with human destinies, with the tragedy of the murdered children near Lake Smilkovsko, with the fates of the families of the murdered policemen from Divo Naselje Kumanovo. Nepotism is a major factor in employment. The party holds the key for jobs. Councilors become criminals and extremely incompetent people. Young people are moving away because there is np prospects”, Mickoski wrote in the letter.

Macedonia, says Mickoski, is not an illegal building that has to be registered at the Land Registry. Citizens, he adds, have an identity and a past which they can’t give up.

“I know you do not know me well enough to say that I am the one you need to support. I am just one of you, see at it that way. And therefore you do not have to trust me, but I’m asking you to trust yourselves, because I believe in you”, he added in the letter.

According to the VMRO-DPMNE leader, chaos and apathy rule in the society and adds that “history chose for us.”

Regarding his party, Mickoski says, “I am not saying that we are without sin and that we won’t make mistakes, but I promise you, we will get better.”

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