Tamara’s mother: God will judge you all


With tears in their eyes and red cards in their hands, parents of young Tamara Dimovska today led a column of several hundred citizens who demanded those responsible for the death of the girl to resign.

Protest march began exactly at noon in front of the Health Insurance Fund, from where the sound of heart that stops beating echoed.

The audience was addressed journalist Ognen Janeski, who was one of the organizers of the protest. He said he would not give up and that he will seek justice together with Tamara’s parents of Tamara and citizens.

March continued through the center of the city, through street Macedonia, to the second object of HIF. Zdravko Saveski of association “Solidarity” also addressed, who said that healthcare in Macedonia is the worst in Europe and that it is time the Minister of Health to resign. The group continued to the Ministry of Health. The streets were too narrow to gather all citizens. While walking, protesters called on citizens to join them, shouting “We are all Tamara”, “You have children too”, “Come with us”…

In front of the building of the Ministry was a minute of silence, and then Tamara’s mother addressed. She thanked everyone for their support and for the presence and to ministry employees, who were shyly peeking out their windows, she recommended:

“You signed the death sentence for Tamara. You said that you don’t feel responsible because your children are safe and sound, but mine is not. Because of you, the one went above, to the angels, and the other is still awaiting your signature. Today when I traveled from Veles, I read that the parents were responsible for the death of Tamara, we have not healed her well. Well, I’m not a doctor! I begged you to meet me for three years, and you sent us a decision for operation three days after the death of my child. Minister Todorov, if you hadn’t lied that HIF will cover the entire operation, Tamara would have been cured with money that we raised from donations. There is a God and hopefully he will judge you all.”

At the protest, cards with a picture of Tamara and place for a message to Minister Todorov were distributed to the citizens. Every citizen who received such a card had to write a message to Todorov, to photograph it, tweet it, and then mail it to the Minister at the address written on the back of the card.

At the beginning of the protest, there was an information that Maja Parandzhieva-Zmejkova, Director of HIF, submitted her resignation, and less than an hour later, director Xhemali Mehazi also submitted his resignation.

At the end of the protest, participants shouted “We’ll be back.”


banners before MH
Banners and red cards were left lying in the street in front of the Ministry

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