The Documentary about little Tamara will soon be released on “Telma” website


TV “Telma” released their documentary “When the health system fails a beautiful child” for little Tamara Dimovska from Veles, who had a severe deformity to the spine and died waiting in approval for the seventh operation in line. The journalist who did the documentary, Biljana Nikoloska, who first broke the story of Tamara, fully explains Tamara’s fight the disease and fight the family had with the institutions before she died of bronchopneumonia.

Currently the film can not be watched and found on the official website of “Telma” and it will be mist likely announced when a repeats is released

The author, Nikolovska said that everything she had to say, she said with the film, but would be happy if she actually contributed a change in the system and institutions.

Meanwhile, “Telma” claim the film was released unofficially through someones private YouTube channel, while at that movement youtube are trying to remove it.

Two and a half months the parents of Tamara waited, and went though all the bureaucratic procedures who send the girl abroad for surgery. Then, the Health Fund were waiting an official document from the Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma and a new consultative opinion was given.

The parents were warned that the girls situation was getting worse, he bodies condition got worse, her body was crippling itself double the amount before – from 40 percent to 80 percent, which made the heart and the lungs with additional complications because of the pushing, and the pressure of the organs.

On February 9th Tamara died, and two weeks later, after the autopsy, the Institute of Forensic Medicine confirmed that the cause of death was bronchopneumonia.

On February 24, 15 days after the death of Tamara, the following officials from the Health Institute Fund handed in their resignation, Maya Parnadzieva-Zmejkova and Xhemali Mehazi. Maya Parnadzieva-Zmejkova and Xhemali Mehazi.

Although many hundreds of citizens and the parents of Tamara repeatedly protested to the Ministry of Health and Veles and demanded the resignation of the Minister of health himself, Nikola Todorov, he made a statement sating he was very disappointed, but he does feel responsible for the death of Tamara.

For treating small Tamara it cost 30,000 euros, to be seventh on the waiting list to go abroad for surgery. “Meta” published an article that the money from the huge Ferris wheel, which cost 15.5 million euros, could have saved 516 children just like little Tamara.

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