Macedonian remains the only official language throughout the whole territory


The Law on Languages ​​promotes the rights of all minority communities and does not foresee new employment. The Macedonian language with the Cyrillic alphabet remains the only official language throughout the whole territory of the Republic of Macedonia and its international relations, said the Government in today’s statement regarding fake news and untruths about the application of the Law on the Use of Languages.

Therefore, they point out that the alleged additional burden to the budget and new employment are false and baseless and are just excuses and obstructions made from the opposition.

“The truth is that the Agency for the Use of Languages ​​and the Inspectorate for the Use of Languages, as stipulated by the Law and as defined by the political agreement for its adoption, will be staffed by existing human resources in ministries, agencies and secretariats. There will be no need for new employment,” reads a press release from the government’s press service.

The implementation of the legal provisions, as the Government points out, is an obligation of all the institutions.

“It is a manipulative and wrong to claim that the Agency for the Use of Languages,  spoken by at least 20% of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia with legal representatives will raise the Albanian language above all other languages ​​in the Republic of Macedonia. The truth is something completely different, that is, the work of the Agency will apply in all languages,” the Government said.

The agency, the Government explains, will serve the municipalities and other institutions in those settlements where the majority of citizens are Macedonians. In cases where a citizen is Albanian, Roma, Bosniak, Serbian, Turkish, Roma or from another ethnic community and needs a certain document in another language, in addition to the Macedonian language, then the Central Agency will meet those citizens and provide a service in their mother tongue that they understand.

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