As a member of the Media Freedom Coalition, Macedonia will be working together with other countries to promote freedom of press on local and global levels. This was adopted at the first meeting of the for Media Freedom Coalition consisting of 35 member countries signatories, held its first meeting of senior officials on the 29th and 30th of January in Geneva, Switzerland.

“Media freedom is essential for exercising human rights and fundamental freedoms and is an integral element of global security and prosperity. People need free media to provide them with accurate information and informed analysis if governments are to be held to account. In the face of threats to media freedom that are new in scale and in nature, we should adopt new forms of collaboration that adapt to new realities” informs the press release.

All members signed the “Global Pledge on Media Freedom” and as signatories, each member has made the commitment to work together in taking action to improve the media freedom environment and the safety of journalists both at home and abroad.

At the meeting it was concluded that all areas that influence the media freedom have to be taken into account, from allowing favorable regulatory conditions to promoting transparency in trial processes.

One of the goals is take action on individual cases by coordinating efforts to raise specific cases where journalists and media workers, or media organisations, have come under threat, to encourage respect for fair trial guarantees and reduce cases of impunity for crimes against them.