Фото: Борче Поповски

Three days since the express train transiting between Skopje and Prishtina, the Kosovar company Trainkos stopped the train due to the situation with the coronavirus COVID 19, inform North Macedonia’s Railways – Transport. The stopping of the train service between Macedonia and Kosovo is indefinitely. After a long period, this railway line began working again on the 9th of March. It was the only international railway line that was active in our country.

NM’s Railways – Transport said for Meta that it was their initiative to set a meeting in Istanbul to introduce a train service on the relation between Istanbul – Thessaloniki – Skopje – Istanbul. The meeting was confirmed by three companies’ managements but due to the situation with the virus it was postponed since 6th of March. Towards the end of November last year, the managements of the Turkish Railways and NM’s Railways – Transport held talks about opening tourist lines that would operate between Skopje and Istanbul.