Doctors Chambers: We will determine the cause of death of the mother and baby in Gevgelija


The Doctors’ Chamber of Macedonia confirmed the case where a woman in labour and her baby died in the Department of Gynecology at the General Hospital in Gevgelija.

In a press release, they said, they will take all measures necessary, and use the extent of their powers to determine what happened and seek to find out whether the tragedy occurred because of complications, or personal responsibility.

“As a professional association we think that it is totally irresponsible and extremely low to use this tragedy to vilify someone’s profession and the overall health system. The Doctors’ Chambers recognizes the right for everyone to express their attitude or opinion, but finds that matters such at these can not be generalized. The Chamber does not require clemency of the blame for the possible unprofessional behavior of doctors, but considers the need and urgency to detect accountability from those who behaved irresponsibly, and broke the code of medical ethics and deonthology, which threaten and endanger the health and lives of patients”, said the statement from the Doctors’ Chambers.

The Doctors Chamber finds it unacceptable for someone to label and require collective guilt from the whole organization for an individual case in which there are obvious indications of individual irresponsibility and unprofessional behavior.

“As a professional association, within our legal authority we will discover the reasons for this tragedy, and the culprits be punished in accordance to the law”, emphasized the Medical Chamber.

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