Residents from the Municipality of Karpos have started to collect signatures to stop the process of the adopting of the detailed urban plan (DUP) for Karpos 4, which provides buildings and car parks where currently green parks are located.
The aim of the action is to return the detailed plan under survey and a public hearing for residents to take part in the decisions of the Municipality.
The action was conducted by a large group of residents from Karposh 4. Signing began on the 16th of September at the State Election Commission-Karposh in Kozle in a quite inaccessible location and will last until September the 30th every working day, from 8.30am to 16.30pm.

“Material and posters are being destroyed, leaflets are being removed from mailboxes. SEC – Karposh is obstructing our action, with its short working hours. Many people have complained because they can not leave their workplace to sign the petition. The pressures is on and people live in fear of repercussions at their place of work”, say sources organising the initiative.

A month ago, the residents of the Municipality of Karpos 4 filed a petition with 2,425 signatures asking for public gathering where a debate could take place against the change of the detailed urban plan. The major Stevco Jakimovski gave an answer today, 2 days before the deadline, where he says he supports the initiative, even when politically motivated.
“I welcome any initiative from citizens, including this one. If only the opinion of the citizens could be translated into laws because we as local government, it is our duty to bring change. I welcome this initiative even if it is politically motivated, because it’s healthy for a democracy like ours, in this country”, said Stevo Jakimovski.

Канцеларијата на ДИК во Козле каде што се собираат потписи