SDSM’s General Secretary and an MP, Aleksandar Kiracovski at the press conference that took place today at the Parliament informed that the government has secured the support of minimum 80 MPs necessary for the passing of the constitutional amendments.

-By initiating the constitutional changes, Macedonia is becoming a part of the EU and NATO. People often ask me whether we have secured a two-thords majority. I don’t want to use that phrase, secured MPs, but I have information that a minumum of 80 MPs, actually little over 80 MPs were convinced that Macedonia’s future is only with NATO and thr EU. That was conditioned by the Prespa Agreement and the constitutional amendments that have to happen by Friday this week – said Kiracovski.

The session during which there will be a debate over the constitutional changes is expected to start at 16h, without the participation of VMRO-DPMNE.