Journalist Kezarovski demands to prove his innocence and doesn’t want to be freed due to statute of limitations

Due to the statute of limitations for felony of revealing the identity of a protected witness, journalist Tomislav Kezarovski will not be put on trial for the case “Liquidation”. Prosecutor Marija Gjorgjeva announced that the majority of the criminal acts for which the accused were pursued are a subject to a statute of limitations.

Kezarovski is revolted and thinks that this way he has been sentenced to a “life in prison” and is asking for a chance to prove his innocence.

In 2013, Kezarovski was sentenced because he revealed the identity of a protected witness in the “Oreshe” case and he was sentenced because he endangered the witness’ life.

Firstly he was sentenced to four and a half years which was shortened to two years by the Appellate court

Kezarovski spent five months in detention in the Skopje penitentiary and later he was put to house arrest.